Friday, July 30, 2010

I did it - I'm going to TRI!

I signed up for my first Sprint Triathlon - August 28th. 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride and 5K run. I've been doing spin class twice a week and running 5ks twice a week with laps in the pool and cardio and weights. (Oh, and working 12 hour night shift too!)

The swim is going to give me problems. I was a strong swimmer until I was injured. I still have 2 tears in my left shoulder and herniated discs in my neck. I'm not looking to break any records - just finish for me.

REI had a sale on Tri suits and when I got there, they had 1 left - it was my size!!! I almost needed help zipping the girls in (I hope the zipper holds :) My younger son keeps following me to try and get a picture so he can put it on facebook. He just shakes his head and says "really?"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Tri or not to Tri & fastest 5k yet

Yesterday hubby and I biked 10 miles before it got too hot. I have to get faster on the bike. Spin class twice a week should help with this. I ran 2 miles, went to spin class, and then walked the dog for 2 miles. Did a few laps in the pool and called it a night.

I ran a 5k (on the treadmill) in 35:44 tonight - my fastest time yet. Yeah me! My left lower leg started throbbing when I slowed it down. I might actually have to go see someone about this if it keeps up.

SOOOOOOoooo...... I am really thinking about signing up for the Medford Lakes Sprint Triathlon on August 28th. I've got five weeks to tighten everything up. The swim is a 1/4 mile - I think I can handle that - the tears in my shoulder haven't given me any problems yet in the pool (knock wood). I'm in for a shock switching to open water swimming after practicing in a 20x40ft pool.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Down & Dirty Mud Run Report

OMG - fun, fun, fun!!! The 5k MudRun was on 7/18 in - yep - 92 degree heat. Every run this year has been in 90+ weather. Me and hot - unh uh!

Hubby and I sat on the highway for 50 minutes waiting to get off the exit ramp. 4,000 people were participating in this event, do you think Philadelphia could have posted a traffic cop at the red light to direct traffic? So we got there a little late, but the race did not start yet. We were in wave 12 (remember 90 degrees). They started the waves in 4 minute intervals. After running the race - it should have been longer in between. We bottled necked at the obstacles for 20 minutes. I'm embarrassed to put our time up because of this - 1:42 minutes for a 5K!!!! Two sets of friends were doing the race - but we didn't see them.
Hubs was a little concerned for me at the obstacles because of the two tears in my shoulder and the herniated discs in my neck (thanks obese patient). But I did them all on the first try!! I was a little too exuberant on the rope climb and when throwing my leg over the top, hit the guy next to me and missed the top three rungs on the way down. Can you say rope burn?! I was able to hop up and over a 5 foot wall that was slippery with sweat. The next obstacle was the "slippery vertical climb." A rope was attached to the top and you had to pull yourself up and over. One girl kept slipping, hitting her face on the wall and then sliding down and out onto the muddy grass. After about 10 time of this, a large man laid down on the wall, told her to climb up his body and then pushed her by the feet to the top where military guys were waiting to help if needed. A few more small obstacles and then the - dum de dum - mud pit!!
OMG, you had to crawl under a net and then into the pit. Military guys were screaming at you "if you were in combat, you would be dead, you can't stand!" I said, if I was in combat, I would be in the medical tent, not crawling through mud!! (hahaha) So you got a good crawl going on and then they thought they were slick, they dug a deeper hole so your head would go under the mud. I caught myself just in time :) The showers they claimed to have consisted of a water tanker truck with 50 hoses attached. If you tried to stand up and rinse off, the water was no more than a trickle. My legs got torn up. I look worse than an 8 year old. Scabs, scrapes, bruises, lumps..... But it was so much fun - we are going to do the 10k next year. A BBQ followed. And the bling bling finishers medal was a dog tag with D&D Mud Run Series on it.
The pics show us clean at the start, nasty and just plain eeeeewww with our legs and feet. My kids want to do it next year.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Melanoma 5K

June 27, 2010

So, lesson learned - I will not attempt a run after a 12 hour night shift in 90 degree weather ever again! I wanted to do the Melanoma 5K because I am celebrating 4 years melanoma free!!! However, I could not get off of work the night before, so I was going to suck it up and do it anyway. We were to run around the sports complex where the Phillies, Flyers and Eagles play.

My leg is feeling better - just a throbbing when and after I run. I have been running slow and low numbers - plenty for a 5k.

I worked 3 nights in a row (12 hour night shifts) and brought my running stuff with me to get changed - or so I thought. Sneakers - check, sports bra - check, ipod - check, Garmin - check. Notice anything missing? How about clothes? I left them on my bed. So I was going to run in my scrubs - no biggy. Except that it hit 91 degrees by 9am. I checked in and got my survivors' tee shirt, bracelet and raffle ticket and went to wait for the start. I was dripping wet with sweat in 5 minutes.

So off we go.... I went out too fast, it was too hot (I so don't do well in the heat!) I made it to 2 miles before I needed a trash can. I threw up everything I carefully planned to eat over the night. I was shaking like a druggy needing a fix (sorry - ER reference) - my sugar felt like it hit rock bottom and I felt like I was going to pass out. I poured my water over my head, rinsed my mouth, and walked the mile back to my car and put the AC on full blast. So much for good intentions....

Monday, May 31, 2010

FitBit finally here!

I LOVE my FitBit!!!! I ordered this little piece of genius way back in February. I finally got in on Thursday. It rocks! It's this little clip that is a pedometer and more. It tracks steps, miles, calories, activity levels (sedentary to very active). You can input your food and more activities (running, weights, etc.) and it analyzes everything into neat graphs. You can also wear it to bed and it analyzes your sleep. How long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up. There is a journal available to write in and also a "community site" to share with others.

The first day it came, it was late. By the time I had it charged and on, it was 5:15. Just in time to run to my spin class. Then the butt and guts bootcamp. Having fun watching everything download and graph - I realized I only needed 2000 more steps for 10,000, so I ran downstairs and jumped on the treadmill (I called the dog to take her on a quick walk but after I got her leashed up and to the door - the sky opened up and it poured. So after after apologizing to Ginger, I ran downstairs.) I think this will be good for me.

Everything is on (free website). You set the software up on your computer and whenever you walk within 15 feet of it - it downloads the information to your webpage. You can compete with "friends" and see who has the most steps, miles, active levels, etc. It's neat to see the different colors on the graph for the different levels of energy expended. It is a real motivator!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

VEGAS Rocks!!

My husband and I spent a week in Vegas with NO kids!!! First non-kid vacation in 19 years!! It was fan f-ing tastic!! The food was wonderful and the room at MGM was incredible. We saw Bite (a vampire show :) and Cirque du Soliel's Zoomanity :)) On the first night there, we had a comedy show lined up - we were running late and my cute little strappy heels tore up my feet. So for the rest of the trip, all of my cute outfits had flip flops and 27 band aids with them :( I am all for dressing up as a vampire - on Halloween. A couple sat at our table for Bite dressed in purple velvet capes and freakin fangs. They proceeded to tell the other 3 couples at the table that they were married as vampires. Well, that ended all conversation at the table.

I miss having the biggest decision of the day being "what pool are we going to" and "what is the drink of the day"? We woke up, went to the gym (yes we did), had a late breakfast and then went to the pool. I'm glad we did - I only gained 3 pounds. My liver is still recovering! :) had dinner and then a show then a club.

On our last night there, we went to Minus 5 - Ice Bar. Soooo cool! Everything there is made from ice. The bar, the tables and benches, and even the glasses. They gave you a coat, Uggs and gloves and off you went. Fuuuuun.

When we got home, I ran my first mile since the Broad Street run with only a minimal twinge! I have been able to run a slow mile every other day since then :))

Can't wait to plan our next trip!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Broad Street 10 miler done!

Weeeellll! I haven't been on in a bit. The Sunday before the big 10 miler, I ran 5 miles. At the end of the 5 miles, my left leg felt funny. It progressed into me limping. It felt like someone kicked me in the shin with steel toed boots. I didn't hit it or bang it. I was able to do my spin class on Monday night. It still hurt but didn't get any worse. I had a friend xray it for me - negative, nada. The 10 miler was fast approaching. No way was I going to punk out.

So I taped my leg up the wazoo. I didn't sleep much Saturday night because I was so nervous. Up at 5 and over to Phila. We parked and took the subway - can you say mobbed? I am still new to this and have never experienced a porta-potty debacle like the one at the start of the race. OMG. After a 50 minute wait in line, the dun went off promptly at 8:30am. The people near us didn't move. No one got out of line for the potties. By the time I got to one - eeewwwww!!! Humans actually did this????

Get in line to start the race with hubby. I was #27711 and he was 27712. They started our corral at 9am. Did I mention that it was 90 degrees out????? I don't do well in the heat. We brought our own water bottles with us and kept filling it up at the water stops. One really quick mile down and I started to limp-run. My left leg was killing me. So we slowed to a quick walk. That's the way it went for the rest of the 9 miles, run a little and walk a little. We finished in 2:23. It wasn't pretty but I finished.

Did I mention it was 90 degrees? People were dropping like flies. The City turned on the fire hydrants to sprinklers all the way down Broad Street. While it felt good to get hit with the cold water, my sneakers got soaked. I have never had a blister problem before. Well, my feet blistered because of the wet sneakers.

We had to fly home, get showered and run back to Phila to make an appearance at my nephew's Christening party. My month long abstinence of alcohol was over and I couldn't wait. Well, lack of sleep and run/walking 10 miles will tire you out - I was too tired for movie night and fell asleep on the couch.

A week later and I am still limping. I am supposed to run a 5K in 7 hours (I am working a 12 hour night shift right now) and I don't think I will be able to do it. I may just walk it. It is in the park next to my house. I have lost 36 pounds so far and wanted to lose 5 more pounds before we leave for Las Vegas in 9 days!!!!! My exercising has been severely curtailed because of my leg.
Here were are after the 10 miles!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running outside Spin class wardrobe malfunction

I got a great run outside today. I don't have much experience running outside and am one of the crazy ones who prefer the treadmill. I put my Garmin on and took off for the park that is not too far away. I got to the park okay after almost killing myself on the road - the shoulder cuts down to almost nothing at one point and you have tree branches trying to push you out into oncoming traffic.

I did 2.51 miles (including walking part way home).
Mile1 - 11.40 (read: OMG this is really fast for me - or the treadmill has been lying)
Mile 2 - 12.02
.51 - 7.18

I felt close to what I do on the treadmill, but when I looked at the Garmin - it was a lot faster time. I know I was going faster because I was breathing heavy. I forced myself to slow down, but then didn't feel like I was going as fast as the treadmill runs that I do. The hills give me some trouble too. I'm glad the 10 mile run is basically flat.

So on to the wardrobe malfunction. I read how Lisa loves looking at the "frog" read - tramp stamp tattoo of the girl in front of her in the spin class. Well, this train wreck shows up one night. Young girl, baby fat with huge breasts. Long curly hair that wasn't pulled back. She had on 2 sports bras and a thin low-cut wife beater. In spin class, you move a lot and things that aren't tied down will jiggle. Well, we will skip right over jiggle and leap to exploding out of top. I was so distracted by her breasts, I almost fell off the bike. I think I saw nipple at one point. I tried not to look, but there are mirrors all around the room. She kept tucking them in and pulling her shirt up. Girlfriend, a wife-beater is not an appropriate boulder holder for you. She would toss her hair around and jiggle some more. I wanted to smack her. More horror - she followed me into the Buts and Guts class. I wanted to poke my eyes out.

30 pounds lost so far - yeah me!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

5 Mile Run

Last night I got to the gym in time to do 1.5 hours of the Elliptical (they close early on Sundays). Today I did a half hour on the elliptical and then a 5 mile run. It wasn't a fast run. Right now, I am aiming for increasing miles and not so much speed. I am just trying to finish the run - not break any records. I'm getting ready to leave for a spin class in a few minutes. I'm trying to kick up the cardio a notch to get the weight loss moving a little. Tomorrow I plan on another run and weights.

I have been mapping out possible running routes around my neighborhood. I have been using Map My Route . com I found some posted routes near my house too. I have to get outside and run. Only 3 weeks left until the Broad Street 10 miler.

I also signed up for the BA 5K a week after the 10 mile run. I will have to run that one after a 12 hour night shift though. I signed up the whole family - surprise!

I bought a new bike. It's a hybrid, 21 speeds - I'm probably not going to use 15 of them LOL! Time for some serious cross-training.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiny Run under 12 minutes

I woke up after my 2nd night shift to get ready for my third night shift. I ran down to the treadmill and popped out a mile in 11:58! Yeah me. I know it's not fast for most people here, but for me it IS!! Now if only the Broad Street 10 miler lost a zero LOL! I am planning on adding mileage this weekend since I am off on Saturday night!!

I don't know why I signed up for an extra 12 hour night shift on a Friday night of all things. The last two nights were painful. I never have off on a Friday, but I guess the drop in temp and rain drove me to it. That, and the Las Vegas trip coming up :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1 mile under 12, carb free 3 days

So, I've decided to go carb free for the next 3 days. Protein only for me. Have I told you how much I loooooove my carbs? I love bagels, raisin bread....... So, I'm going to try it for 3 days and see if I can jump start some weight loss. I've been a maniac at the gym lately - only missing 3 days out of 20. But the scale won't budge!!!

I did my 3rd spin class in 2 weeks on Monday night (my second trip to the gym - after weights and the Arc trainer in the early afternoon). Man, I was soaked. It's getting easier and my but doesn't hurt quite as badly LOL! I Zumba'd on Tuesday after running the kids to 2 doctors' appts during the day.

I was up at 2:30 am on Wed morning after someone texted me from work about a birthday party on Thursday. Really???? I keep my phone on my night stand for emergencies. That was not an emergency. So I watched the hours flip by for the rest of the night. Valerian and Melatonin did not help me. So my but was lagging but I got to the gym and did a half an hour on the Arc Trainer, a major weight circuit and then back up to run a mile in under 12 minutes (read - fastest mile for me!!) I felt good and could have kept going except work got in the way. I left the gym feeling great!!

These 3 days off went by way too quickly - now back to work! :P

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Run, Spin, Butts and Guts, Children of the Corn

I was able to get to my second spin class on Thursday. Drenched again. I handled the "jumps" better too. The instructor also taught a "butts and guts" class next. Wow. It was a weight class that incorporated two body parts with every move. Lunges with shoulders, squats with triceps. Great class!!! I woke up at 4 am and I think that only the tip of my nose was pain-free :)

I was still able to run 4 miles on Friday!!!! Yeah me. I should say run for most of them. :) I still slow down at times but not as much and for a lot shorter time. That makes 14 out of 16 days that I made it to the gym. I only slept 3 hours on Saturday after a night shift and had to go back in for another 12 hours on Saturday night. I could barely keep my eyes open let alone make it to the gym :P But now I am off for a whole 3 days!!! Of course the sun is going into hiding and it is going to rain for 2 of them :(
We are getting the garden ready for planting - can't wait. Hubby grew THE best corn ever last year. It was a mix of yellow and white and was so sweet. Can't wait for it again this year. The pic popped up top. I call it - Children of the Corn!!!. LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running and potty breaks

I don't know what happens when I run, but the need to go to the bathroom hits more often than not. I can attack the elliptical for an hour at level 7 - no problem. Weights for an hour and a half - no problem. Spinning class - no problem. I worked Tuesday night and didn't sleep well on Wednesday day, so I didn't make it to the gym. So I hit the basement and the treadmill. I was going pretty well when that uh-oh feeling hit. I forced a mile before I jumped off and ran to the bathroom. Back to the treadmill. Not long after, it happened again. I mean really. I was feeling great and could have gone for 4 or 5 miles. But, believe this, my shoe came untied twice and the potty breaks....I cut it close to shower time and only did 2.5 miles. Blah.

I had a great two weeks at the gym. However, the scale has not really budged. I've cut the ETOH (that's alcohol for the non-medicals LOL) down to Sunday only. Since I work 3-5 night shifts a week, it doesn't leave me many days anyway :) I plan to do the same as I did for the Bridge Run and cut out the ETOH for the month of April before the Broad Street 10 miler. (Bummer, since the "Beverage Center" is almost finished in the basement.)

Hopefully I can get my neighbor to take the kids to CCD so I can make the spinning class again. For some good news, I think that the Sketchers have actually helped my plantar fasciitis (maybe about 75%.) Either that, or it spontaneously went away (not). I still have problems waking up - if I remember to stretch first and walk slowly - this helps. But usually, I jump up and run to pee :) Sitting for a while also stiffens me up. But it is a lot better - yeah!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spinning class

I did my first spinning class on Thursday night. I loved it. I hung in there with everything except the "jumps." They were killers on my knees so I did every third one or so. Most of the spinning classes take place when I am still at work in the am or on nights when I am at work. It looks like Mondays or Thursday nights with a little juggling may work. I ran 3 times last week. With a 4.7 mile run on Friday. Probably not my smartest move with the spinning class the night before. I also felt like I was sitting on a pole for two days LOL!

I've been to the gym 7 out of the last 8 nights and was hoping to make it to the spinning class tonight. I ran 2.5 miles today with a half an hour on the elliptical. I had a mega gym day yesterday with the weights. I even fought off the meatheads in the free weight section LOL.

It's been raining for more than 5 days. However, sunshine and 60 degrees for the next 5 days. I hope to take advantage of this and run outside. Work has been crazy!!! I hope it relaxes a little bit soon.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ran the Bridge

It was absolutely gorgeous out today - temps hitting almost 60 degrees! I decided to battle the Bridge today. It's 3 miles over and back. I haven't run it since the race in November. The weather was great, except for the winds that were kicking up out in the open of the bridge. It's a great workout with one big hill up and one big hill down. Then you get to turn around and do it again :) I was planning on hitting the gym for a Zumba class tonight but the granite contractor was late and I missed the class :(

I used my Garmin (like for the real first time) today and had the fastest pace as 9:42. Hahaha not on my best day. I probably hit that going downhill for like 2 minutes :) It was interesting to see the different paces. I think I'm going to enjoy using it - if the weather would cooperate more often.

My husband and I attempted to run with the dog last night. hahahaha Not happening. Remember the post about run sniff, run pee? Yep. We got her out in the street and were able to run for short bursts. We made it around run, walk, wait, for almost 2 miles.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So my new Sketchers arrived on Friday (I just ordered them Wednesday night). I put them on and off to work I go. Well the night from hell started with a car fire on the bridge and my 18 miles drive turned into an hour and 45 minutes. Not a happy camper. :(

The unit was super busy with really sick patients. A coding patient, a post-op patient who didn't want to have a pressure and then the dreaded hypothermia patient who was coding in the ER. Long story short - NOT a good night to try out my new Sketcher rockers. My pedometer read 7 miles by the morning and my legs and back were killing me. (Couldn't have something to do with the 672 pound patient - hmmm...)

I woke up to run to the bathroom and my ankles were on fire. Definitely should have worn them around the house!!! I hope they will feel better once I am used to them.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Signed Up for the Broad St. 10 Miler!!! :) Aunt again!

I'm an Aunt (again). Declan was born on Monday. Very convenient that my sister delivered at the hospital that I work. :)

Finally! I signed up for the Broad Street 10 miler. I also signed my husband up for it!! Surprise! The run takes place on May 2 and benefits the American Cancer Society.

I have been trying to get my hubby to add some cardio to his workouts. He has never been a fan of cardio (or even done any). He is at the gym 3-4 times a week - in the weight room. Well, he took it well (the fact that I signed him up too :)) and jumped on the treadmill. He came upstairs all sweaty a little while later and said he did 3.5 miles. Really, having never run before? Jeez. I explained that he should start out slowly and build.....blah blah. I told him he was going to hurt something and he laughed and said he'd leave me in the dust. Wellllll, the next day he was limping a little and I asked him what was wrong. He said maybe you were right, everything hurts. (Repeat that....I was what? LOL) We have to start with new shoes...... This is going to be fun!!! :) I'm not out to break any records, we can walk through water stations, etc. Although we may run fast for a few miles - the start of the run is not in the safest of neighborhoods. Chrissy, who started this whole mess, starts further up in a faster corral. I won't even see her so I'm glad to have the company!!

I had two runs last week 2 and 3.5 miles. My PF acted up after the 2, was a little better after the 3.5 miles. I had one run this week of 3 miles, weights, cardio and a zumba class. I'm hitting the gym later today. The weight is sloooowly coming off. I dusted off my Garmin. Hopefully the snow is done for the winter. It is almost gone outside. It's 29 degree out not - but is supposed to warm up in the next week. I drove through 3 nasty blizzards to get back and forth to work. That was not fun. I live 18 miles away and it took me 1 hour 45minutes to get there. :(

I am now charge nurse on night shift - what a headache. Sometimes I think, just give me my two ICU patients and leave me alone. Saturday night, I logged 12 miles of walking, running around the hospital. That is new record for me. I put the pedometer on when I hit the parking garage. We have a 630 pound patient who gain 42 pounds of fluid and now weighs 672 pounds. It takes at least 5 nurses with the use of a ceiling lift to move her. I should take a picture of that and put it on the fridge - that will make me run!! :)

Has anyone tried the rocker sneaks by Sketchers? Are they any good, help. I'm thinking they may help with me PF if I wear them for part of my 12 hour night shift. Two girls in work swear they've helped them tone up after wearing them for a few months.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

55" of Snow in 3 days

The weather around here has been crazy!!! I can't get outside to run and my gym has even been closed a few days because of the back to back blizzards. My basement is almost finished, so I can dig out my treadmill and start something with that! Work has been crazy too. Hopefully, I can get back to normal soon.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow again - treadmill run

So it snowed again yesterday - about 5 inches. Enough so that I couldn't take 4 - 16 boys to the movies. So they rented one on tv and I lost my living room for the night - and they all slept over. 16 year old boys eat a LOT! :) It was also my youngest's 12th birthday - but he ditched us to go to 2 other birthday parties.

I got to the gym today before work. I did an hour on the elliptical and ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I was set to go a do some weights and noticed it was 4:15pm. It was almost time to get ready for work. So, I put it off until tomorrow. I don't usually work Sunday nights - but the basement is almost finished and it was worth it :) I worked Friday night and the contractor was at my house before I even got home on Saturday morning - with 5 guys. Can you say no sleep? I'm glad I didn't have to go back to work Sat night.

OT starts again this week, so I have to push myself to get to the gym on consecutive work days. Sleep has been a problem for me and I hope upping the exercise will help with this.

The PF doesn't bother me during the running, it's as soon as I slow down or stop. I'm still stretching and icing and I bought shoe inserts. I'm trying them out at work tonight. Crossing fingers - my hips have been fine for the 2 runs this week. I'm a slow runner, I know I'm not going to be breaking any course records (haha), I'm doing this for myself and just to finish the races I start. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Running again

So I finally got a run in after 2 weeks resting my foot for plantar fasciitis. I ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday. It was not that bad. My PF acted up later that night though. I have been icing it and stretching. It seems to help at that time. My circuit weight routine is going well and my legs feel like they are getting stronger. My shins and calves certainly are benefiting as they do not scream at me when I run. :)

My goal was to attempt to lose 10 pounds in the 3 weeks that I was playing domestic goddess at home and not working OT while the contractors were doing the basement. Well, I lost 5 of that - and I blame the rest on the Girl Scouts LOL! The basement is almost finished and I can't wait to set up my workout area. I can't wait to get a run in outside (it is 14 degrees right now!)

The Broad Street run is on May 2. My sister is planning her second son's Christening for May 2 (he's not even here yet). I have 2 sisters and we have always switched godmother selection for the kids. Well, my middle sister was the youngest's first child's godmother (follow that?) I found out that I will not be this child's godmother. I will be running the Broad Street 10 miler.

My OT starts again next week - I hope I can keep up with the gym like I've been doing for the last 3 weeks. I've impressed even myself :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zumba WoW!

I finished my 3 nights of 12 hour shifts Monday morning. It couldn't end soon enough. It was a crazy weekend and my patient was super sick.

Anyway, Tuesday night was my first night back at the gym. I had to stay close to home during the cause for decisions the contractors needed. I did 1/2 hour on the Arc Trainer and then I sucked up the courage to join a Zumba class for the first time. All I can say is WOW!!! I caught on quickly and didn't end up on my @ss. The instructor was great - she incorporated kickboxing, lower legs, core and even some belly dancing at the end. Too bad after my basement is done that 2 of the 3 Zumba classes offered at my gym happen when I am at work :(( On a happy note - I lost 3.2 pounds in 9 days!!!

I am hoping to get to the gym early today, but expect to get texts from my youngest asking to be picked up from school. Yesterday he sent me texts the his throat and stomach were hurting him. I told him to go to the nurse. No fever, just cold symptoms. He wouldn't stop with the texts so I went and got him. His face was flushed and he felt warm when I got there. (Amazing how they get better when they get home!) He got in trouble for using his phone during school and I even got a call from the vice principal about it Jeez, really? This morning he started again.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rockin the Gym

SO, my time at home during the week has been great for the gym. I made it there 5 days in a row and on the 6th, I took a 3 mile bike ride around my development. Still no helmet and no brakes were the reason I didn't go to the park :) I've been resting my PF and doing everything but running. I've been stretching, taping and doing the frozen bottle roller. I'm hoping this and rest and Motrin will be all I need. My body hurts in places it has no business hurting :)

This daytime domesticated thing sucks! I need a smaller house or a maid :) What possessed me to put another bathroom in my basement when I don't want to clean the ones we have already??? I am still trying to work up the nerve to clean the boys' bathroom. Come on, aim and shoot - how hard is it? I did many, many loads of clothes over 3 days. The hampers should be empty, right. Are you kidding??? When you take your dirty socks off, where do you put them? My 16 year old reaches overhead and drops them behind the headboard - that explains the stinky teenager smell that I could not get rid of.

I'd rather be working my night shift OT and sleeping during the day!! I am up at 6am and then nonstop all day, including a 2 hour stint at the gym. I so can't hang anymore - I look at the clock around 8:30pm and think - is it too early to go to bed? ;)

I am working 3 12 hour night shift in a row over the weekend, so I don't know how much gym time I will see. I just received home videos by Cathe. She totally rocks. After I ordered one a few years ago, I found out she owns my gym. I want to be like her when I grow up. She is actually 44 and built OMG. Check out her website

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DOMS - Hurt so good. PF-not so much.

So yesterday morning, I was wondering why I was not in more pain from my monster upper body workout the day before. Well, 1:30 this am, they found me. WOW. The lower body workout I did yesterday was not so delayed and hit me at the same time. Ummm, hurt so good?! Yeah, maybe not at 1:30am LOL!

I did the frozen water bottle foot roll for 2 nights now - it actually helps. I taped my feet for yesterdays gym run - I only got to about 0.6 miles and had to slow it down to a medium walk on an incline. The pain was getting worse. I think I' ll rest the feet and continue with the ice rolls and cross training for a week or two. I had a spinach egg white omelet (with 1 yolk) with salsa instead of ketchup. I could definitely do that. Didn't miss my carbs (raisin toast or a bagel) at all. We'll see if I can keep that up.

This being home and awake at 6am is for the birds!!! I had 3 loads of laundry done, booked a trip to Vegas, had made dinner, cleaned 1/3 bathrooms and vacuumed the house by 11am. I didn't want my husband to pass out when he got home, so I stopped and went to the gym. Three weeks of this - ugh. I can't wait til the basement is finished and I can go back to my tons of OT and sleeping during the day!!

I had my first load of laundry in before 7am today - Jeez. I don't drink coffee at home, but I pulled out the coffee maker for emergency use!! LOL It's 24 degrees out right now. I wonder what the cross-wind would be like if I tried to do the BF Bridge today. It's a great 3 mile workout with BIG hills. It would be a walk tho. :( I could walk my bike next door to the park - I don't have a helmet yet. Or maybe just hit the gym again. The Arc Trainer bothered my heel a little yesterday, but I still did 50 minutes on it :)

I got an email that my youngest will be making his confirmation May 23, 2 days after we come back from Vegas. My mother will be sitting - dog sitting, house sitting, can't say "baby" sitting to a 16 1/2 and an almost 12 year old :) There will be practices for him that week and my mother does not drive in New Jersey. Don't know what the plans are for that yet. Now, for more coffeeeeeee!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Plantar fasciitis - oww! New Challenge. Elvis in Vegas?

Well, I did great on Friday at the gym, and then I had a 12 hour night shift and my hips let me know how well I ran for 3 1/2 miles earlier that day. I was limping the whole night. I made it through the night (sounds like a Madonna song LOL) and slept for a little bit. The dog woke me up around 12 (thanks for the 2 1/2 of sleep Ginger). So I got up to pee and landed on the floor. My left heel *^%$# killed me. I always had a mild case of PF that came and went even before running - 12 hour night shifts will do that to you. I never experience pain in my heel like that. I had to do the tippy toe dance to the bathroom. I had another 12 hour night shift that night and it felt like I had stepped on a rock barefoot the rest of the night.

I made it back to the gym on Sunday and "just" did an hour on the Arc Trainer elliptical and 2 miles on the bike. They close at 6 on Sundays.

So my new self-challenge is to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm "only" working 2 days a week (and 1 vacation day) for the next 3-4 weeks until my basement is finished. I am hoping to rock the gym during this time. Hopefully, the contractors won't mind me leaving the house for a while. I lost the few pounds that I gained over the holidays and hope to keep on losing it. My husband only has to think about skipping a meal and he drops 5 pounds - so not fair.

The Vegas trip will probably be May 17th - getting excited. My sister should still be out on maternity leave then so I can "borrow" my mother. Hubby has to check and see if that week is available in work and we are set to book the trip.

I wanted to renew our wedding vows (19 years in April) and thought it would be fun with Elvis. Well the web site is so cheesy, I think I'll hold off on that for now. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

4 days this week... :)

Yeah me. Made it to the gym 4 days this week. I ran 3.5 miles today!! I'm so happy that my shins don't talk to me anymore and my calves only said "hi." My hips won't stop talking tho. I feel like I'm 120 years old. I looked up some good stretches that I have to start doing and I hope they help. I am hoping when I lose some more weight - they calm down. I wish I could have made it the last 2 days, but working 12 hour night shifts kicks my but anymore :P

I am "only" working the 2 days a week for the next 3 weeks, so I am hoping to burn up the gym and the miles. Hopefully it warms up a little. I would love to start running outside (as much as I dread it!) and start with the bike too!

I printed out the Hal Higdon half marathon novice plan and will follow that for my 10 mile training for May2. If I feel I am ready, I may attempt the 13.1 2 weeks prior to that. I am not trying to win 1st (or 10th :) just finish. So if I have to walk (read probably will) part of it - so be it. I just don't want to kill myself for the Broad Street 10 miler 2 weeks from then. They have a limit of 4 hours to complete the 13.1 miles and I know I could even do that walking the whole thing so I should probably just sign up now so I don't have any excuses

Update: Well, I don't have to worry about the 1/2 marathon. I've been looking at it thinking Rutgers - the one 15 minutes away from me. I just looked up specifics and it's the campus over an hour and a half away. Not gonna happen for my first half. pooey! I'm really bummed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

X Train and Vegas

Three days in a row to the gym - yeah me!!! Today was a rockin' day for cross-training. 50 minutes on the Arc trainer, my upper body weight rotation, calves and back up to the bike for 2.5 miles. Biking is not easy -ugh. I have not been on a bike in a while, so much for the saying, get right back on...... Although it was the stationary bike in the gym.... I have to build up my leg strength.

The Oddman duathlon is March 27th - so I am hoping to be there. 5k run, 10mile bike ride, 5k run. It's called Oddman because prizes are given out to 1/3/5 place "2nd is the first loser" is their motto.

I may be heading out to Vegas for our anniversary. Yeah. The only downside is that it is the week leading up to the Broad Street 10mile. (I have to do it this year or Chrissy will kill me!) I wanted to try and put it off for a few weeks but my sister will be heading back to work off of maternity leave by then and I lose my sitter (my mom). SOOOO, if I hit the gym every morning before the pool, drinks, dinner, drinks, gambling, drinks, a show, you see where this is headed :) That would be my taper down week - right??? haha

I really want to see the show BITE. Hubby wants no part of my vampire fascination ---until I told him it was a topless vampire show. Well, he tried to get me tickets for Christmas (but they didn't sell that far in advance!!!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I had a great time with my family on New Year's Eve. Fralinger Stringband won for the 8th time in row on New Year's Day! Congrats!

I made it to the gym on New Year's Eve to usher out 2009. The ankle is still a little twingy but a slow mile run felt good. I worked on New Year's Day (night shift of course) and then on Saturday night. Note to everyone. When naming a person to make your medical decisions for you - make sure they are not going to be so high when that time comes that they can't even stand up or barely keep their eyes open. What a night. This poor woman coded on the floor and was brought down to our ICU. She was a continuous code for over 5 hours. The patient's daughter was so high on something - trying to explain to her what was going on was next to impossible. Another note - 800 relatives, friends, people you might see on the bus - do not have to come to the hospital. That is what a wake and funeral are for - not trying to be mean here, but it make it incredibly hard for the nurses to actually get to the patient and try and code them when they have to call security to get the visitors out of the room and then keep asking them not to go into occupied ICU rooms or vacant rooms. Who does that??? I digress....

Well I actually made it to the gym today after working night shift and the gym closing early. Yeah me. 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer and a slow mile and half felt good. My new Garmin is collecting dust. I do not do cold well. It is 20 degrees here now. (I do do heat well either haha.) I know some people only like to run in shorts but there must be a limit! Come on. It was 19 degrees out, snow on the ground, snowing, and some "idiot" was running with shorts on. His legs were bright red. Hello - frosbite anyone?? Bring it inside and say "treadmill." Jeez!

My plans for 2010 include the wish list to the side. I am not sure that I will be ready for the Rutgers 13.1 but I will try and prepare for it. It may be just too soon for a half marathon for me. But, no fear, I have several more listed :) Still trying to get hubby running with me. It would help if we actually saw each other more than 5 minutes. :)

Having great hopes for the 3-4 weeks the contractors will be here. I will only be working 2 days a week (and taking a vacation day) so I can be here when the contractors are doing the basement. I am hoping to get to the gym Monday - Friday for some quality time :))

I am also planning a trip to Las Vegas with hubs. Have to plan it around my sister's delivery so my mom can watch the kids. Can't wait!!! We've never been there.

Enjoying tonight. Family together watching tv, fire lit, wine, just plain old relaxing!! What's that??! LOL

Getting ready for my very first run!

After I renigged on my promise to run the Broad Street 10 miler with my friend Chrissy D - I decided to make it up to her by running the Ben Franklin Bridge 10k. Did you read below where I NEVER ran before? She told me that if I cancelled on her again, she would drag me across the bridge by my hair. Okaay then.

I was in shape until a work injury side-lined me (a patient decided to herniate two discs in my neck and tear my shoulder in two places - thanks!) So kiss that bikini goodbye. Pain and inactivity followed. I found myself unable to sleep and in front of the pantry at 3am - everything screaming "eat me!" My day consisted of Percocet, Valium, Red Bull. Percocet for the pain, Valium for the muscle spasms, Red Bull so I could pretend to play mommy for my children. So, physical therapy, epidurals, steroid injections and 40 pounds later, I decided that getting ready for this run was going to help me get back into shape. (I decided against 3 surgeries at this time.)

I had already conquered the ellipticals at the gym. I could do them for an hour on level 6 and barely break a sweat. Surely I could run a measely 6.2 miles. I moved on to the treadmill. I couldn't even run .25 miles continuously. This was a lot harder than it looked.

The Ben Franklin Bridge is almost 3 miles back and forth and it went up, up, up!! and then down. The first time I crossed it (walking, mind you) on the pedestrian cross-walk, my calves were cursing me in three languages. What did I sign up for - who was I kidding?

I downloaded inspiring, fast beat music to keep me pumped up and ready (Britney, Buck Cherry's Crazy Bitch (yep that's me), Pink, PCD, etc.) I decided that I would go for distance and not speed. I discovered that I had exercise-induced asthma when I pushed a little too far (anything at that time was too far). Soon I was able to run a mile, then 2 - at once. I continued to "do" the bridge and even took my kids a couple of times. I had to find a better way to keep my iphone close. They didn't make an arm band that I liked so I found a "runner's belt" online and soon had it. I tried it out one day in the park. My 11 year old was with me and started laughing when I put my iphone in it. "Seriously mom, a fanny pack?" It is not a fanny pack, it is a belt. It stays still, doesn't ride up and I can put my keys in it too. So there!

The weight was slowly coming off. I decided to take a drastic measure - no alcohol at all for the month before the race (oh no, what was I thinking.) My goal was 20 pounds by race day. I continued to plod along on the treadmill. I was up to 5k with almost no problems. However, when I tried to run outside, my body rebelled. The park trail was 1.3 miles - however, it was not flat (but hey - either was the bridge). I was a wheezing, sweaty mess .4 miles into the "run." I was running faster than I was used to on the treadmill. (GPS is a wonderful thing - an app I downloaded on my iphone let me know my distance, speed, and even mapped my route - love the gadgets!)

Strep throat struck my son (11) and he generously shared it with me two weeks before the race. I bought new sneakers (Asics Nimbus Gel 11) and my shins and calves let me know it was not a good idea to change things two weeks before the run. So I went back to my Nike Lunar Glides and made everybody happy. My 16 year old decided he would like to try on the Swine Flu one week before the run. My throat was still bothering me from last week and my chest was tight. I was having some serious doubts if I would be able to finish this race. Not to mention Lysol toxicity from degerming the whole house.

I completed 5.5 miles on the treadmill on my birthday, 6 days before the Sunday race, and for the first time I thought I might be able to do it. It rained for the next two days, so I didn't run the bridge (think shuffle up and run down). I worked Friday night and had off on Halloween. Was I ready? I made my goal of losing 20 pounds two days before the run - yeah me! (20 more to go!)
P.S. Read posts bottom up :)

Ben Franklin Bridge

Ben Franklin Bridge

Kids on the Bridge

Kids on the Bridge